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Oferta de Trabajo  Código: 40125  


Función: The IT Engineer & Applications Developer will be directly involved in all the activities of the company, both private consulting services and European R&D Projects
Empresa: LOMARTOV S.L. Nº de Plazas: 1
Referencia: IT ENGINEER & APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER Publicada el 28/4/2021 Publicada hasta el 28/7/2021
Tipo de Contrato: Indefinido Dedicación: Jornada completa  
Localidad: Valencia Provincia: Valencia/València Disponibilidad para viajar: Sin especificar

Nivel Académico
Ingeniero Técnico  

Titulación Académica
Ingeniería Informática (Titulación Universitaria)
Administración de sistemas informáticos (Titulación F.P. Grado Superior)
Desarrollo de aplicaciones multiplataforma (Titulación F.P. Grado Superior)
Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web (Titulación F.P. Grado Superior)

Áreas tecnológicas
V- Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones
V-02 Consultoría TIC
V-07 Sistemas de información
V-072 Hardware
V-081 Programación
V-082 Programación web

Idioma: Español Nivel Lectura: Alto Nivel Escrito: Alto Nivel Conversación: Alto
Idioma: Inglés Nivel Lectura: Alto Nivel Escrito: Alto Nivel Conversación: Alto

Conocimientos de Informática  

The IT Engineer & Applications Developer will be directly involved in all the activities of the company, both private consulting services and European R&D Projects, bringing his/her expertise to develop innovative software and applications (for computers, mobile or other devices), in line with the research domains of the company. Experience in APPs development, Digital Transformation and
Digital Twins will be an asset for this position, in order to open new business opportunities and create new products and services. Furthermore, s/he will be the main responsible for managing the information technology and computer systems of the company, being the main spokesperson between LOMARTOV and the IT products suppliers. S/he will be responsible for executing all the tasks related with IT maintenance, security of data, network access and backup systems, coaching the whole team members for an efficient and safe online working environment. The IT Engineer & Applications Developer will report directly to the Technical and European projects coordinators.

The candidate will be specifically responsible for following tasks:
- Consulting and development of novel APPs, software, IT systems, cloud-based integrationmodels and other similar tools, in relation with environmental and green services.
o Lead the entire cycle of software/APP/IT service and tool consulting and delivery, from ideation to deployment, including everything in between.
o Direct involvement in private contracts and European R&D Projects, with a strong innovative component, when such activities require the advice of an expert in IT and computational systems. New ideas and innovative concepts coming from the IT Engineer & Applications Developer will be highly well accepted in order to develop new projects or products.
o Act as an expert for other scientific and technical colleagues working in other engineering fields, bringing his/her technical knowledge at their services to co-create and develop new
products and services, tailored to the end customers.
- Manage the information technology and computer systems of the company.
o Ensure security of data, network access and backup systems.
o Create and ensure the maintenance of an environment conducive to high collaboration & effectiveness for remote and in-office workers.
o Plan, organize, control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations within the company.
o Train and coach all the team members on IT and data safety requirements and procedures, to ensure a correct and safe data storage and treatment.
o Design, develop, implement, and coordinate systems, policies, and procedures.
o Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time.
o Audit systems and assess their outcomes.
o Preserve assets, information security and control structures.
o Create strong objectives and key results to drive employee satisfaction.
o Oversee maintenance, repair, and well-being of all AV and IT equipment.

The candidate will be responsible for performing these tasks and studies autonomously, firmly, and methodically.
General communication and dissemination activities through social networks and official websites (within and outside the company channels) related with the activities of the company might also be part of the weekly duties of the IT Engineer.
The candidate will be responsible for performing these tasks and studies in diverse and transversal sectors, aligned with the activities of current projects, and also with the European research and
innovation strategy. Potential, but not exclusive domains of activities will be: agricultural and forestry monitoring and digitalisation; renewable energies; advanced sustainable materials; novel bio-sourced products and bioeconomy development; wastes valorisation and industrial symbiosis; circular economy; sustainable mobility, Smart Cities and Smart Buildings; environmental management, and
climate mitigation and adaptation.

- At least 3 years of professional experience as IT Engineer and/or APPs/Software Developer executing similar duties.
- Creativity and proactivity will be essential and well evaluated attitudes, especially when participating in European and R&D projects.
- Experience in working with and developing Digital Twins will be highly valued.
- Comfortability with Agile methods, such as Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum and/or others.
- Expert knowledge of IT best practices, policies, and regulations.
- In-depth understanding of programming, computer science, computational systems and digital security.
- Clear understanding of and proved experience in server technology and network architecture (e.g. VPN, OSI Model, Cabling, Switching)
- Solid working knowledge of Windows 10 (experience with MacOS, Linux and other systems will be an asset).
- Strong problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Attention to details and reliable.
- Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computing, Information Technology and Engineering
- Excellent level of Spanish.
- Intermediate English level (at least B2) and excellent level of Spanish (C1/C2).
- Ready to face new challenges, ability to work effectively as a member of a team, flexibility,
and high motivation.
- Availability to travel if necessary.



- Positive work environment, with a professional team in a dynamic developing company.
- Full- time employment (40 hours per week).
- Annual contract, renewable with the guarantee of permanent contract.
- Immediate incorporation.
- Salary will be fixed according to qualifications and experience.

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