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Puesto: Cell-environment mechanochemical crosstalk in Cardiovascular Disease and aging

Empresa: Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (F.S.P.) - CNIC  
Referencia: Posdoc MAP Publicada el 23/1/2023 Publicada hasta el 3/2/2023
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The Mechanoadaptation and Caveolae Biology Lab at CNIC, led by Miguel Ángel del Pozo is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to study the principles by which mechanical forces, tissue remodeling, inflammation and aging drive cardiovascular disease. The selected candidate will combine state-of-the-art immunobiology and exosome biology, advanced omics and biophysics, with mouse disease models, in collaboration with top laboratories in the field (David Sancho, CNIC-Madrid, Jacob Bentzon, Aarhus U.; Martin Schwartz, Yale U.), to explore how cells respond to mechanical cues stemming from their environment (blood flow, muscle contraction, stiffening associated with aging…) and how this drives tissue remodeling and immunomodulation. The project is supported by grants from MICINN, La Caixa Health Research Programme (AtheroConvergence), AECC, La Marató de TV3, and Comunidad de Madrid (Tec4Bio). We encourage highly motivated candidates to apply to the current Juan de la Cierva programme call. Eligible candidates should possess a strong academic record, with first authorship of at least one Q1 publication. Previous experience in either extracellular matrix biology, immunity and the biology of inflammation, proteomics, metabolism, animal models, and/or cardiovascular disease will be very positively valued. A letter of motivation, CV and contact details of 3 references should be addressed to Informal inquiries for further information can be requested at +34 914531200, ext. 1161.


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