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AVISO: Esta oferta no se encuentra activa.

Oferta de Trabajo Ref.: 13718  

Puesto: Post-doctoral biología vegetal

Función: Ver "Otros"
Empresa: Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin INRA  
Referencia: RED IRIS Publicada el 10/12/2013 Publicada hasta el 1/1/2014
Tipo de Contrato: Sin especificar Dedicación: Sin especificar  
  Provincia: -- Disponibilidad para viajar: Si, Internacional
Datos de contacto para la oferta
Persona de Contacto: Véronique Pautot
Empresa: Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin INRA

Nivel Académico

Titulación Académica
Biología (Titulación Universitaria)


Project description: 


Recent data indicate a meristematic role for LFY in addition to its well-known role during flower development (Chahtane et al. 2013). The goal of this project is to evaluate a novel function for the LEAFY (LFY) floral regulator in the development of plant meristems in Arabidopsis. For this, we will determine the link between LFY/UFO and two majors meristematic regulators, SHOOT MERISTEMLESS (STM) and CUP SHAPED COTYLEDON genes. In many species with dissected leaves, KNOXI and CUC genes are expressed in the leaf primordia and act in concert to generate compound leaves. A. thaliana has simple leaves that do not express KNOX genes, but ectopic KNOX expression in leaves increases their dissection. A LFY-dependent increase leaf dissection in Arabidopsis is also induced by ectopic expression of the LFY coactivator UFO. Leaf dissection which is controlled either by the LFY or the KNOX pathway depending on species requires CUC2 activity (Blein et al., 2010). 


We will identify and compare the targets of these regulators in leaves with those identified in Arabidopsis meristems. For this, three ethanol inducible transgenic lines overexpressing STM, CUC2, and UFO/LFY have been generated. The proteins have been tagged with an HA epitope. Leave margins which are meristematic-like sectors from these lines will be dissected using Laser Assisted Microdissection and their transcriptome will determined. This, combined with ChIP assays and bioinformatics analysis performed in collaboration with the group of François Parcy. These targets will then be compared to those identified in Arabidopsis meristems or Medicago leaves in collaboration with Pascal Ratet and Etienne Delannoy who are involved in the project. A subset of these genes will be further functionally studied to test their importance in leaf dissection and to get new insights into the function of LFY.


Starting date : 


The starting date is 1st January 2014 (18 months)


Context : 


This project will be conducted at the INRA of Versailles by Véronique Pautot and Patrick Laufs. This project is part of the broader project coordinated by François Parcy (CNRS Grenoble). 


The position is funded by the French National Agency for Research, to work in the Institut of Jean-Pierre Bourgin located near Versailles.




Salary : 


Salary according to the guideline of INRA. 


Requirements : 


PhD in Plant Molecular Biology. The candidat should have expertise in molecular biology, genetic, biochemistry and bioinformatics. 


Application : 


The pdf file should include curriculum vitae, copie of diploma, motivation letter and contact letters of three references 


Interested candidates should contact: 


Véronique Pautot