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Oferta de Trabajo  Código: 42556  

Puesto: Postdoctoral position at Mechanoadaptation and Caveolae Biology Lab, CNIC

Empresa: Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (F.S.P.) - CNIC  
Referencia: PostdocJdCMAP2022 Publicada el 14/1/2022 Publicada hasta el 31/1/2022
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The Mechanoadaptation and Caveolae Biology Lab at CNIC, led by Prof. Miguel Angel del Pozo is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to lead an emerging research line on mechanisms regulating tumor immunity through stromal remodelling. The selected candidate will combine state-of-the-art immunobiology and exosome biology, advanced omics and biophysics with advanced mouse models of disease, in collaboration with top laboratories in the field (Dr. David Sancho, CNIC-Madrid, and Prof. Ignacio Melero CIMA-Navarra), to explore the cellular and molecular links between tumor stromal architecture and tumor immunomodulation. The project has recently been awarded an AECC grant (“Caveolin-1-dependent stromal remodeling: a potential novel target for cancer immunotherapy”).

We welcome highly motivated candidates to apply to the upcoming 2022 Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral programmes. Eligible candidates should possess a strong academic record, with first authorship of at least one Q1 publication. Previous experience preferentially in immunology, but also in extracellular matrix biology, tumor immunity, proteomics, and/or research with animal models, will be very positively valued. A PDF enclosing a letter of motivation, CV and contact details of 3 references should be addressed to the team´s Scientific Manager ( Informal inquiries for further information can be requested at +34 914531200, ext. 1161.


Links of interest:


Selected publications

1. M. García-García, […] & MA del Pozo. "Mechanical control of nuclear import by Importin-7 is regulated by its dominant cargo YAPs¨ accepted in Nat Commun (2021)

2. L. Albacete-Albacete, […] MA del Pozo. “ECM deposition is driven by caveolin1-dependent regulation of exosomal biogenesis and cargo sorting”.(2020) J Cell Biol 219(11):e202006178. doi: 10.1083/jcb.202006178.

3. MA del Pozo, F. Lolo, A. Echarri. “Caveolae: mechanosensing and mechanotransduction devices linking membrane trafficking to mechanoadaptation”. (2020) Curr Op Cell Biol Nov 11;68:113-123. doi: 10.1016/

4. A. Echarri, […] MA del Pozo. “An Abl-FBP17 mechanosensing system couples local plasma membrane curvature and stress fiber remodeling during mechanoadaptation”. (2019) Nat Commun 10, 5828

5. Moreno-Vicente R, […] MA del Pozo. “Caveolin-1 Modulates Mechanotransduction Responses to Substrate Stiffness through Actin-Dependent Control of YAP”. (2018) Cell Rep 25(6):1622-1635.e6

6. S Minguet, […] MA del Pozo. “Caveolin-1-dependent BCR nanoscale organization prevents B cell malfunction and autoimmunity”. (2017) Nat Immunol (10):1150-1159

7. I Navarro-Lérida, [...] MA del Pozo. “Rac1 nucleocytoplasmic shuttling drives nuclear shape changes and tumor invasion”. (2015). Dev Cell 32:318-334. # Highlighted by Dev Cell “Previews”

8. R Strippoli, […] MA del Pozo. “Caveolin-1 deficiency induces a MEK-ERK1/2-Snail-1-dependent epithelial-mesenchymal transition and fibrosis during peritoneal dialysis”. (2015) EMBO Mol Med. Mar;7(3):357

9. RG Parton, MA del Pozo. “Caveolae as plasma membrane sensors, protectors and organizers” (2013) Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol Feb;14(2):98-112

10. I Navarro-Lérida, [...] MA del Pozo. “A palmitoylation switch mechanism regulates Rac1 function and membrane organization”. (2012). EMBO J 31(3):534-51.

11. JG Goetz, […] MA del Pozo “Biomechanical remodeling of the microenvironment by stromal caveolin-1 favors tumor invasion and metastasis” (2011) Cell Jul 8;146(1):148-63



  • This call is open to applicants from all nationalities holding a PhD title in Biomedical Sciences.
  • An excellent academic record and previous research experience will be valued very positively.
  • Candidates must have Advanced level of English (B2 or higher).


If you are interested, please send your CV, academic record, a letter of interest and contact information for 3 referees to Miguel Sánchez Álvarez ( indicating in the subject: PostdocJdCMAP2022 no later than January 31st January 2022.


Interested candidates will also need to apply officially through the official web application for the postdoctoral program but they must send their CVs first to evaluate which program is best suited to the candidate.

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