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Oferta de Trabajo  Código: 39289  

Puesto: Neural tissue engineering and soft nano-biomaterials

Función: We offer 2 different positions. See "Others" Section below
Empresa: Univ Complutense, Grupo de Neuro-computación y Neuro-robótica Nº de Plazas: 2
Referencia: CT1 09/20 Publicada el 23/1/2021 Publicada hasta el 23/4/2021
Tipo de Contrato: Programa Talento Dedicación: Jornada completa  
Localidad: Madrid Provincia: Madrid Disponibilidad para viajar: Si, Internacional
Fecha de Incorporación: Inmediata Fecha de Finalización: 3 años

Nivel Académico

Áreas tecnológicas
A- Biociencias
B- Ciencias de la Salud
L- Física
P-07 Informática
P-11 Materiales y tecnologías de fabricación
P-153 Electricidad y Electrónica FPGS
P-16 Telecomunicaciones
R- Matemáticas
V-06 Inteligencia Artificial

Idioma: Inglés Nivel Lectura: Alto Nivel Escrito: Alto Nivel Conversación: Alto


We offer four Doctoral student positions in Neural Tissue Engineering


We are a Research Consortium formed by 4 Institutions, the Center for Biomedical Technology of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the Neuro-computing & Neuro-robotics Research Group of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Institute for Health Research of the Hospital San Carlos Madrid and Silk Biomed SL, a spin off company of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) is a research and technology center of the Technical University of Madrid that brings together researchers from different disciplines on biomedical technologies, in collaboration with other external institutions, in order to address major challenges that scientists are facing today in Biomedicine and Health and whose success requires a stable and interdisciplinary collaboration, including both basic and translational research; facilitate the development of biomedical technology to be handed over to industry; create an environment conducive to the training of new researchers and professionals in this field.


The Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid (IdISSC) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of research, to provide methodological support for conducting research projects and clinical trials, to manage people and their knowledge, to ensure the use of infrastructure dedicated to research, to manage the resulting economic resources for the research development, and to be the translating platform for research results into clinical practice. Inside IdISSC, the Neural Plasticity Research Group is devoted to the development of sensory neuroprostheses and the perception of artificial sensory input by the nervous system, the reconstruction of the nervous system using biomaterials, as well as in the therapeutic effects of electrical and magnetic neurostimulation.


The Neuro-computing & Neuro-robotics Research Group of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid has a long experience in RTD projects. Of particular interest are brain-machine interfaces, brain plasticity and neural oscillations and their role in information processing and coding. We possesses scientific experience in the fields of electrophysiology, histology, data analysis, identification and analysis of stochastic variables involved in the cooperation between complex biological systems, non-linear dynamics, modeling and simulations.


Silk Biomed SL is a spin-off company created with the objective to bring the technological solutions developed by the Polytechnic University closer to the clinical field and to the medical therapies. Silk Biomed is leading an R&D initiative in pioneering biomaterials for the repair of the central nervous system, the development and the subsequent commercialization of injectable Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP).




ARTIFICIAL RETINA: We are looking for  Post Doc candidates to work in the development of an Artificial Retina, field of Neural Tissue Engineering, Soft Nano-biomaterials and/or Electrophysiology. Our research is and aims to develop and commercialize novel hybrid nano-biomaterials for in situ neuroprotection and regeneration of the retina in patients with traumatic or degenerative diseases (i.e. AMD, Age-related Macular Degeneration).



We seek candidates with a strong motivation for scientific research, keen interest in translating scientific findings to practical applications, in the field of experimental neuroscience, stem cells, brain plasticity, neuroprotection and neural repair.

Ideal candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold a MSc degree in Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials or a closely related discipline
  • Hold a PhD in a field close to the above disciplines
  • Possess verified knowledge and skills relevant to their PhD studies
  • Have a very good academic record, i.e. Q1 papers as mainly contributing authors
  • Be able to work across different disciplines like Biomaterials, Neuroscience, Electrophysiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, etc.
  • Be able to formulate and solve scientific questions and to communicate the main research results to both, professional end users
  • Have good planning skills
  • Be enthusiastic team players but be also able to work alone
  • Be fluent in English, both spoken and written
  • Have good scientific writing skills
  • Previous lab training is recommended but not necessary
  • Additional experience relevant to their postgraduate studies (such as professional experience) is welcome but not necessary



Applications must contain a covering letter in which applicants describe themselves and their particular research interests.

The interested applicants should email:

  • A covering letter in which applicants describe themselves and their particular research interest
  • A copy of the CV
  • A copy of all applicant’s Thesis
  • Copies of graduate and Master qualifications
  • Any other documents that the applicant wishes to refer to

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